About ioDeck

Every web person (designer, developer, website owner) needs good tools to simplify all the complicated web stuff.

Although it doesn't look so at first sight, almost any web-related-task takes a serious time to develop and maintain.

ioDeck is born to ease such tasks. It focuses on saving the valuable time of web designers/developers while providing more features to end-users.

As fans of modern web development, we started with "forms" as they are one of the most crazy web elements to deal with. So, the 1st app of ioDeck born: ioForms.

Forms should be validated (both on the client and server-side), be secure and the data collected should be delivered and/or stored. Also, if it is a complex one like a "human resources form", omg!, what a loss of time.

We use ioForms ourselves and forgot that headache completely.


ioDeck is not limited to forms but will be bringing more apps to simplify other things.

The next module to be launched is "ioNewsletter" which will allow us to send customized newsletters and schedule them however we want. All in the same interface.

After "Newsletter", there will be ..., ok, let's make you a little curious about it. But you got the point. ioDeck will grow and evolve.


What does ioDeck mean?

I/O refers to input/output that is used widely in computing which is what ioDeck does the best; collects inputs and provides the outputs.

And, you know what "Deck" means.

Behind the scenes


Open source

  • PHP Contact Forms Framework (coming soon)