Got lots of questions in your mind? Forget them, ioDeck is simple and it is "what you think". Here are the short facts:

  • It is installed into your website (hosting account or server)
  • You own it (no monthly fees)
  • Helps you create forms and collect entries
  • Built with PHP (uses SQLite for storage)

And, here are more details so that we have a F.A.Q. page:

  • What are the server requirements for ioDeck to run?

    ioDeck requires PHP 5.2.0+ (with SQLite 3 enabled) to run. These exist on majority of hosting accounts.

    We have a single-file compatibility checker. Just download it, upload to your website and run to see if ioDeck will work smooth.

  • How is ioDeck installed?

    Simply upload the ioDeck files to your website into a folder of your choice, edit the config file with your license + the address you'll be using ioDeck at and voila!. It'll start working instantly, no database setup required (as SQLite is used as the database).

  • On how many websites can I use ioDeck?

    The forms created can be embedded into any number of websites and newsletters can be sent from any number of domains.

    But, ioDeck can be installed into a single website and all this functionality works from there.

    This is actually the power of it. You manage all your forms on many websites from a single interface.

  • What happens after the 6 months of free updates and support?

    You can get yearly update + support packages for a simple fee (totally optional).

  • What is the refund policy?

    You can get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. No questions asked (just contact us for that).

    But, we are pretty sure you'll love it and save serious time using it.

Behind the scenes


Open source

  • PHP Contact Forms Framework (coming soon)